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Applications of Nanoscience 2019

The Applications of Nanoscience course is designed for high school students with a background in chemistry to learn the basics of pursing a scientific research project. As a model students will explore a few important applications of nanoscience, learn the basics of reviewing existing scientific literature, and go through the process of proposing a research project in pursuit of new scientific data.

During this two-week program, students have the unique opportunity to explore questions similar to those currently investigated by the scientific community. The program involves hands-on experiments that combine vigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. At the end of this course, students will demonstrate their new found knowledge by working on a team project to experience the process of proposing a scientific research project.

Hydrophobic Paper Straws

Elasticity of Biopolymer Gels

Using Wettability Properties to Filter Pesticides from Water

Changing the Capping Ligand to Observe Ferrofluid Properties

Superhydrophobic Prosthetics to Prevent Corrosion

Effect of pH on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency

Magnetic Biopolymer

Filtration with Graphene Oxide

Differing Construction Methods of Metal Oxides