July 26, 2019 | Professor named fellow of the American Institute of Chemists


by UCLA Newsroom

Ric Kaner

This article was originally published by the The UCLA Newsroom

Richard Kaner, professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the UCLA College, has been named a fellow of the American Institute of Chemists.

Founded in 1923, the institute is dedicated to maintaining standards of practice for the chemical profession, advancing the field and assuring the best use of science and technology. It engages in a broad range of programs for professional enhancement including its awards program, certification programs, meetings, publications and public relations activities.

Kaner, who is the Dr. Myung Ki Hong Professor of Materials Innovation, is a past recipient of the UCLA Gold Shield Faculty Prize and the 2012 ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials. His research focuses on the properties of conducting polymers and their diverse applications.

Kaner, who also is a professor of materials science and engineering, was recognized at the institutes’s annual symposium, during which he gave a lecture and was presented with the 2019 Chemical Pioneer Award.