11 CNSI members among most highly cited researchers for 2022

Eleven CNSI Members are among nearly forty UCLA faculty scholars that have been named as the world’s most influential scientific researchers.

By Nicole Wilkins

Research by UCLA scholars on the Clarivate list ranged from medicine and engineering to mathematics, astronomy and environmental sciences. (Image courtesy: UCLA Health)

In its latest annual list, Clarivate Analytics names the most highly cited researchers — the scholars whose work was most often referenced by other scientific research papers over the past decade in 22 fields in the sciences and social sciences. The researchers rank in the top 1% in their fields, based on their widely cited studies.

Current UCLA faculty members named to the list, along with their primary UCLA research field or fields, are:

*Denotes CNSI member

Nasim Annabi, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Matthew Budoff, medicine

Jun Chen, bioengineering*

Bartosz Chmielowski, medicine

Giovanni Coppola, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences

Xiangfeng Duan, inorganic chemistry*

Bruce Dunn, materials science and engineering*

David Eisenberg, biochemistry*

Richard Finn, medicine

Gregg Fonarow, medicine

Edward Garon, medicine

Daniel Geschwind, neurology

Tamir Gonen, biological chemistry

Michael Green, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences

Sander Greenland, statistics and epidemiology

Steve Horvath, biostatistics and human genetics

Elaine Hsiao, integrative biology*

Yu Huang, materials science and engineering*

Michael Jerrett, environmental health sciences

Richard Kaner, inorganic chemistry*

Baljit Khakh, physiology*

Nathan Kraft, ecology and evolutionary biology

David Liebeskind, neurology

Yuzhang Li, chemical and biomolecular engineering*

Aldons Lusis, medicine

Carol Mangione, medicine

Bengt Muthen, education

Aydogan Ozcan, electrical engineering*

Mason Porter, mathematics

Steven Reise, psychology

Antoni Ribas, medicine

Lawren Sack, ecology and evolutionary biology

Jeffrey Saver, neurology

Michael Sawaya, molecular biology

Michael Sofroniew, neurobiology

Marc Suchard, human genetics

Christopher Tang, business administration

Edward Wright, astronomy

Yang Yang, materials science and engineering*