CNSI adds new AI-powered image analysis capabilities to enable fast 2-5D visualization

Extracting meaningful information from highly complex image data is fundamental to a wide range of investigations across the fields of engineering, physical and biological sciences. Researchers at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA can now utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered imaging analysis software, enabling accelerated processing, analysis and visualization of large and unwieldy 2-to-5D image data sets.

The Aivia AI Image Analysis Software from Leica has been recently validated and added to the resources at the Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Laboratory (ALMS), one of six open-access CNSI Technology Centers. The Aivia software is available to researchers from UCLA, other academic institutions, and industry as a shared resource on campus, and can be accessed remotely or in person.

Aivia workflow: (1) Raw image. (2) Pixel classifier identifies punctae within a cell. (2) 3D cell analysis segments objects in 3D space and colormaps punctae based on their distance from the center of the cell body. (Image courtesy of Jeff Hsu Lab)

“Aivia will make advanced image data analysis accessible to all ALMS Lab users without the need for any computer science expertise,” said Laurent Bentolila, ALMS director. “This new capability will expand our toolkit for image analysis available in the CNSI Technology Centers from optical, electron, AFM or any other microscope–based measurements”.

With Aivia, scientists can leverage AI tools to generate robust and reproducible image analysis results, including removing noise, counting and classifying segmented objects, and quantifying object characteristics like shape or fluorescence intensity.

This newly added AI-powered imaging analysis software will help ALMS users improve segmentation accuracy, streamline image processing workflows, and enhance data exploration.

For consultation, proof-of-concept, training and other assistance, please contact the ALMS team via e-mail at, with any questions, or use this link to schedule a training or assisted usage session today!