UCLA Research Team receives Convergence Accelerator award from National Science Foundation

By Nicole Wilkins

(Image courtesy: NSF)

A UCLA research team led by Professor Prineha Narang, and comprised of multiple California NanoSystems Institute members, has been awarded a $650,000 National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Phase 1 Award for the project entitled “Portable Quantum-enhanced Sensing and Species Identification of Bioaerosols.”

This award is part of NSF’s initiative to develop innovative technologies and solutions to address a wide range of challenges related to chemical and biological sensing. If successful in Phase 1, the project will be eligible to apply for more in-depth Phase 2 funding.

Project Summary:

Portable Quantum-enhanced Sensing and Species Identification of Bioaerosols

UCLA PIs: Prineha Narang, Suzanne Paulson, Anne Andrews, David Leibrandt

This multidisciplinary Accelerator team will develop, test, optimize, and combine transistor-based portable biosensors and quantum-enhanced sensors to achieve highly sensitive, high-speed, remote, multiplexed, multimodal, and in situ measurements of bioaerosols, including identifying microorganism species. The team brings together the sensor developers with the sensor end users via engineered prototypes to address a pressing challenge in real-world chemical sensing: bioaerosols.

More information on the NSF award announcement: https://new.nsf.gov/news/nsf-spurs-technology-development-biological