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Nanoscience Workshop for Teachers

Providing professional development and training opportunities that engage the educators of today and students who will become the scientists of tomorrow.

Nanoscience Workshop for Teachers Enrollment (2020 - 2021)

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  • We are currently offering 4 workshops, please reference the descriptions below and use the checkboxes to select which workshops you would like to attend.
    • Oct 17 - Measurement at the Nanoscale: How can you measure that which is unobservable to the naked eye? In our Measurements at the Nanoscale experiment, students use the effects of molecules interacting with each other and very simple geometry to indirectly measure nanoscale features.
    • Nov 14 - Computational Nanoscience: In our computational workshop, students will learn to simulate virus self-assembly on the computer. They will see how physical and chemical principles drive the assembly of nanoscale structures of a virus.
    • Dec 12 - Tech Entrepreneurship: Teachers will learn how to teach students to think about how they can take their novel ideas from the benchtop to the marketplace, giving them a unique understanding of the financial realities of making a high tech-based product.
    • Jan 23 - Nanoscale Control of Wetting: The superhydrophobic surfaces experiment blends elements from chemistry, biology, and physics to vividly demonstrate how the incorporation of nanoscale texture at a material’s surface can lead to dramatic changes in certain physical properties such as wettability. Students will learn basic concepts in surface chemistry and discuss emerging industrial applications for materials with these unique characteristics.
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