CNSI Education

Maintaining a network of UCLA scientists and researchers to create an exciting nanoscience curricula, helping educators teach fundamental concepts.

Teachers-at-Nanolab-training-1For more than a decade, in collaboration with colleagues at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, CNSI has maintained a network of UCLA scientists and education researchers to create exciting nanoscience curricula that help educators better teach fundamental science concepts.  Our content is designed to be compatible with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.  The CNSI Nanoscience Teachers Workshop invites K-12 science teachers from across the greater Los Angeles area to our CNSI facilities one Saturday each month throughout the academic year for workshops and complementary experimental kits.

The workshops combine advanced experiments presented by scientists in tandem with best practices and pedagogy promoted by UCLA Center X Science Projects.  This approach makes it practical for teachers to replicate the workshops in their classrooms as an enhancement to their instruction of fundamental concepts in chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering.  The result is the integration of nanoscience experiments into a pre-college classroom environment.

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