Kelp Kulture – Kelp Restoration on Australia’s Southern Reef

About the event: On Tuesday, October 4, from 6-7 PM PST, Kelp Kulture will be hosting their seminar series on climate change, environmental policy, and biotechnology, featuring Dr. Cayne Layton of University of Tasmania, Australia, discussing “Kelp Restoration on Australia’s Southern Reef”. About the speaker: Cayne completed his PhD at the Institute for Marine and […]

Noble Fund Seminar Series – May 23, 2023

Noble Family Innovation Fund Seminar Series: Sam Emaminejad and Ben Wu “A minimally-invasive bioanalytics-enabled wearable technology for personalized therapeutics” — Arion Chatziioannou and Qibing Pei “Time of Flight PET Scan Based on Nanocomposite Scintillator” Tuesday, May 23rd CNSI 5th Floor Presentation Space Noon - 1:30 PM UCLA research teams hastening progress in areas from cancer […]