The Status of Women Scientists

In the first of four events on women in STEM (Series: Topics in STEMinism: Women Preparing for Post-PhD Careers in STEM), we will define and characterize the participation of women in STEM. We will assess the challenges they face at the graduate level and in careers. Lastly, we will discuss strategies for creating inclusive environments.

Questions to consider include:

What is the landscape: what are current proportions of women in a range of fields? Which fields are doing the best? What fields are lagging?
What have been some of the major successes for leveling the field (e.g. policies, practices, etc.)?
What are some common challenge during graduate education, in careers, and in academia?
What actions can be taken by institutions, departments, colleagues, and students to create inclusive environments?

Leveraging Your Strengths in the Job Market with Gallup Consulting

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