Research + Collaborative Space

CNSI offers space for use by the Institute’s members to further the research mission of the University and the Institute. When space is available, proposals are considered on a case-by-case basis and negotiated with the respective Dean. CNSI space is not permanently assigned, rather it is intended to turn over as projects end and new opportunities arise.

Priority consideration is given to:

  • Research opportunities that involve two or more CNSI members.
  • Contracts and grants that are funded under a collaborative agreement between the CNSI and institutional partners on the UCLA campus.
  • Research that has direct benefit to the Institute. An example of such an arrangement would include pilot projects that result in CNSI-sponsored grants.

CNSI considers occupancy collaborations with campus partners in a variety of ways including shared indirect cost recovery and financial participation in the successful development of intellectual property .

For more information or to discuss your research space needs, e-mail us at