The Next Generation Incubator at CNSI


We focus our resources on the most promising companies. Admission to the Magnify incubator is through a competitive review process that starts with an online application.  Applications will initially be screened by the Magnify Management Team for alignment with eligibility criteria and companies will be contacted within two weeks for further clarification. Selected applicants will be invited to present to the Magnify Advisory Committee, which meets quarterly. Based on the Advisory Committee’s recommendations, the Director of Magnify will make a final decision regarding acceptance and inform the applicant.

To be considered for the quarterly review, applications must be received by the following deadlines:

December 15

Q1 presentations in Mid-January

March 15

Q2 presentations in Mid-April

June 15

Q3 presentations in Mid-July

September 15

Q4 presentations in Mid-October


Magnify, the incubator at CNSI, is intended for highly-motivated early stage companies seeking space for a short period of time, no more than two years, while they conduct key de-risking activities necessary to attract follow-on investment or acquisition. In order to be eligible for admission into Magnify, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • The company has sufficient working capital to achieve critical technical/business milestones and cover Magnify fees for a minimum of six (6) months.
  • The company has been incorporated for no more than five (5) years.
  • The company’s primary place of business will be physically located at Magnify.
  • Preference will be given to companies with at least one of the following relationships with UCLA:
    • The company has, or is negotiating, a license of intellectual property owned or controlled by UCLA.
    • The company has, or is negotiating, a sponsored research agreement with UCLA.
    • Have at least one active member (founder or member of the management team) who is a current UCLA faculty, student, or staff.
    • Have at least one active member (founder or member of the management team) who is a UCLA alumnus (less than 5 years since graduation).

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for entry to Magnify at CNSI, please fill out the form below. Applicants have the option to save and continue the application later.

  • Primary Contact Information:

  • Title/Position
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address:

  • Company Information:

  • Company Name
  • Type of Business Entity
  • Company Website
  • Briefly describe your company and the technology you are developing:
  • List any successful milestones achieved to date:
  • Technology & Market:

  • What problem does your company/product address?
  • Define and quantify the target market(s) for your solution:
  • Describe how your technology uniquely addresses this problem. Define the competitive advantage/value proposition(s) your product offers to customers:
  • Stage of Development (initial prototype, advanced prototype, preclinical, clinical, manufacturing, marketing):
  • Provide a list of the key technology development milestones to be worked on at the Incubator and an anticipated timeline to achieve each of those milestones:
  • UCLA Affiliation:

  • Please summarize your company’s proprietary intellectual property (IP) and the current status of any option/license agreement(s) with UCLA for the underlying IP rights. Include inventor(s) name(s) and UCLA case number, if known.
  • Describe any planned or ongoing collaboration your company has with UCLA professors and labs/centers:
  • Funding:

  • Summarize the current funding status of your company (e.g. angel, venture capital, government, corporate, philanthropic, and other) including a total amount of current working capital:
  • Describe how capital will be used to achieve your business goals during the first 6-12 months in the incubator:
  • Team:

  • List all founders, executive team, and board/advisory members and briefly summarize their relevant expertise:
  • What is the current number of Full-Time employees with your company?
  • What is the current number of Part-Time employees with your company?
  • How many employees do you expect to be working in the incubator?
  • Facility Requirements:

  • What type of space do you need? (select all that apply)
  • Please elaborate on the type and amount of space needed:
  • List any instrumentation and hardware you are planning to bring into your space at the incubator:
  • What is your desired start date to enter the Incubator and anticipated timeline to exit the incubator?
  • Describe any additional facilities/workspace your company will be using outside of the incubator:
  • Indicate if you plan to conduct research in the incubator involving any of the following:
  • Please select which, if any, CNSI’s Technology Centers your company intends to use if admitted into the incubator:
  • Additional Information:

  • Describe the benefits of the Magnify incubator in relation to your specific company at its current stage:
  • How did you hear about Magnify? (Friend, Current Member, News Article, Social Media, Search Engine, Networking Event, Other)
  • Please upload your pitch deck and/or executive summary
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