CNSI K-12 Education

Cultivating the next generation of scientists

CNSI offers four Summer Institutes for high school students in collaboration with UCLA Summer Sessions and our Art|Sci Center.  The workshop-style courses are developed and led by instructors who are immersed in the field of nanoscience eager to cultivate the next generation of scientists. For more information about this program, contact us at

Applications of Nanoscience

This rigorous and fun course is designed for high school students to learn the basics of pursing a scientific research project. As a model students will explore few important applications of nanoscience in hands-on experiments, learn the basics of reviewing existing scientific literature, and go through the process of proposing a group research project in pursuit of new scientific data. This course is recommended for incoming 11th and 12th graders.

Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute


Nanoscience Lab

This exclusive summer workshop is for high school students interested in advanced science and technology. During this five day program, students have the unique opportunity to explore questions similar to those currently investigated by the scientific community through hands-on experiments that combine vigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. This course is recommended for incoming 11th and 12th graders.

Nanoscience Lab Summer Institute


Nanoscale Microscopy

This one-week, hands-on, science learning opportunity for high school students focuses on scientific imaging, a topic that is typically only accessible in an advance college level course. Specifically, students will be able to explore three key microscopy techniques for nanoscience research: fluorescence microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and electron microscopy. This one-week summer course offers an exploratory introduction to this important scientific skill for students as early as 10th grade at the high school level.

Nanoscale Microscopy Lab Summer Institute


Sci|Art Lab + Studio

  During this intensive 2-week program, students will make connections between cutting edge scientific research, popular culture and contemporary arts. Through historical retrospective, surveys of current art-science collaborations as well as science fiction movie screenings, students will be exposed to the interface of science, art and culture with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaborations that explore the possibilities and implications of technological innovation.

Sci|Art Lab + Studio