We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Lightfest Advanced Microscopy Symposium Speakers

Keynote: Adding dimensions to intravital imaging to better eavesdrop on biology

Scott E. Fraser, Ph.D. Provost Professor of Biological Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, USC

Imaging of living specimens can animate the wealth of high-throughput molecular data to better understand complex events ranging from embryonic development to disease processes.  We are advancing this approach despite the unavoidable tradeoffs – between spatial & temporal resolution, field of view, limited photon budget – by constructing faster and more efficient light sheet and laser-scanning microscopes that maintain subcellular resolution.

Our two-photon light-sheet microscope combines the deep penetration of two-photon microscopy and the speed of light sheet microscopy to generate images with more than 10x improved imaging speed & sensitivity.  Better engineering of the detection objective’s point-spread-function improves this another 3-fold.  Two-photon excitation light is far less scattered, permitting subcellular resolution to be maintained better than conventional light sheet microscopes, resulting in 4D (3D over time) cell and molecular imaging with sufficient speed and resolution to unambiguous trace cell lineages, movements and signals in intact systems.

Daniel Jay, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University
Chromophore assisted light inactivation, fluorescence & electrophoresis art

Walter Gekelman, PhD
Professor, Physics & Astronomy, UCLA
Lecture title coming soon

Ivan Lopez, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA
Laser confocal imaging of sensory neurons of the human internal ear

Ranmal Samarasinghe, MD, PhD
Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurology, UCLA
Modeling and Imaging Neural Networks using Human Brain Assembloids

Peyman Golshani, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, UCLA
New generation 1P & 2P miniaturized microscopes for in-vivo imaging during free behavior

Jimmy K. Hu, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry, UCLA
Multiphoton of living craniofacial stem cells

Kristen Stearns-Reider, PhD
Assistant Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Correlated two photon and atomic force microscopy for characterizing surgically extracted tissues

Thomas J. Kremen, MD
Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Orthopaedic Surgery, UCLA
Soft tissue-to-bone healing: Defining the problem and potential solutions

Janielle Cuala, PhD
Research Fellow, USC Keck School of Medicine
Multimodal imaging reveals changes in beta cell metabolism and heterogeneity over the course of pregnancy

Lior Kashani Ligumsky, MD
Project Scientist, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UCLA
Stop blaming the placenta: Label-free multiphoton microscopy reveals previous cesarean scars are a defining pathology of the Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS)

Justin Caram, PhD
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
Seeing the shortwave infrared with novel materials, detectors and interferometric methods

Liang Gao, PhD
Associate Professor, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering
Breaking the speed barrier: high-speed light-field microscopy for kilohertz to terahertz 3D imaging

Ellen Sletten, PhD
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
Multiplexed in vivo imaging with near and shortwave infrared polymethine fluorophores

Eric Potma, PhD
Professor, Chemistry, UCI
Nonlinear optical imaging with mid-infrared light

Enbo Zhu, PhD
Assistant Project Scientist, UCLA
Multi-View light-sheet imaging system with comprehensive tissue clearing compatibility and large field of view

Niles A. Pierce, DPhil
MacArthur Professor of Applied & Computational Mathematics and Bioengineeering, Caltech
HCR imaging: multiplexed, quantitative, sensitive, versatile, robust

Aydogan Ozcan, PhD
Chancellor’s Professor and the Volgenau Chair for Engineering Innovation at UCLA Samueli School of Engineering
Associate Director of the California NanoSystems Institute
Virtual Staining of Label-free Tissue Using Deep Learning

This event is free and open to all. RSVP is required.