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2018 Nanoscale Microscopy Summer Institute Program Final Presentations

This one-week, hands-on, science learning opportunity for high school students focuses on scientific imaging, a topic that is typically only accessible in an advance college level course. Specifically, students will be able to explore three key microscopy techniques for nanoscience research: fluorescence microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and electron microscopy. This one-week summer course offers an exploratory introduction to this important scientific skill for students as early as 10th grade at the high school level. 

At the end of the week, the students had an opportunity to present a research project proposal by applying knowledge they have gained throughout the week with their peers in a group. Click on the image to view the presentation. 

Degenerations of Neurons in Alzheimer

How Bacteriophages Can Be Used to Change Microbiomes

How Do the Microbiome And Stem Cells Interact?

How Microbiomes Affect the Health of Living Organisms

Neural Circuits

Optogenetics And Their Applications to Color Blindness

Saviors of Soil

Tagging Myelins in the Brains of Brain Degenerating Patients

The Permafrost Microbiome

Using Microbiomes to Treat Lung Cancer