Featured Event

2017 Nanovation Competition Final Presentation

The Nanovation Competition is a great opportunity for UCLA STEM graduate students to learn about and flex their entrepreneurial muscles while also giving back to the greater LA community by mentoring high school and middle school students. The hugely important intersection of high technology and business is something that most scientists and engineers don’t get any exposure to until they are faculty, much less as students.

During the “Shark Tank” style competition, the teams pitched their cutting-edge nanoscience-based business proposals to a panel of judges made up of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and UCLA faculty and staff. In addition to presenting the hard-hitting science behind their products, the students also described their business plan which covered topics like product development and market analysis. Click on the image to watch the presentation

Anti Microbial Coating for Pig Line Catheters

Carbon Dioxide Recycler


Gecko Tape Phone Case

Hydrophobic Nitinol Housing Shelter

Laptop Lifesaver

Nitinol Car Bumpers



Superhydrophobic Perovskite Solar Cells