CNSI launches three-part program to prepare students for entry into the California workforce

Image credit: Marc Roseboro

The California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA, also known as CNSI, is launching a three-part program, with support from the state of California, to enhance student engagement with industry partners and address the need for training that aligns with the needs of California’s high-tech employers.

The programs, supported by the University of California’s California Institutes of Science and Innovation (Cal ISIs) will align with needs of California’s high-tech employers to provide undergraduate and graduate students with focused learning experiences at CNSI that prepare them for entry into the state’s workforce.

The first part of the program, the Magnify Internship Program, launches this fall with applications opening this spring.

“Students will make direct contributions to the efforts of start-up companies at UCLA CNSI,” said Sonia Luna, CNSI’s Senior Executive Director. “Program participants will gain valuable experience working in or managing a lab environment.”

Ten student applicants will be selected for the program and matched with a current Magnify portfolio start-up company for a six- to ten-month internship experience during the academic school year. Interns will be compensated through a stipend paid for by funding provided by the State of California dedicated to workforce training and development.

“The Magnify Internship program is an opportunity for undergraduate students interested in gaining hands-on experience working with a scientific start-up company,” said Nikki Lin, director of the Magnify incubator at CNSI. “The program gives students not only valuable lab and scientific experience but may also create future employment opportunities through these internships.”

CNSI’s workforce development program will expand beyond the Magnify Internship Program to also offer future programming such as an industrial capstone experience for student research teams and a student training program in the use of advanced, industry-relevant technologies to address a shortfall in hiring options for high-tech companies needing skilled employees in select scientific areas.

Information for students and companies interested in taking part can be found at https://cnsi.ucla.edu/education-workforce. Student applications will open May 23-June 30. Students may register for more information and program updates at: https://magnify.cnsi.ucla.edu.