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CytoLumina is dedicated to expanding precision medicine through the development of nanotechnology-enabled rare-cell capture and sorting platforms.


CytoLumina Technologies Corp. is a leader in using circulating tumor cells (CTC) to enable personalized cancer care. The separation and analysis of CTCs from patient blood samples provide a means of understanding tumors across disease sites, including the primary tumor and metastases. The global market for CTC based cancer diagnostics and CTC monitoring is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2018.


CytoLumina established the unique concept of CytoTrapNano™ cell-affinity substrates in which nanostructured substrates are coated with a cell capture agent that targets a specific type of cancer cell. When coupled with a microfluidic chaotic mixer, the system is able to isolate CTCs from a patient blood sample with high efficiency and accuracy.


  • Transformative access to inaccessible tumors
  • Safe, eliminates traditional tissue biopsies
  • Accurate detection of CTCs
  • Low cost option for cancer monitoring

Development Stage:

  • Clinical

Select Patents:

  • Device for capturing circulating cells; 9,140,697 on 3/18/2010
  • Systems, Methods and Components for Isolating Cells from a Fluid Sample; PCT/US2013/043171 on 5/29/2013
  • Selective capture and stimulated release of circulating cells on nanostructured devices; PCT/US2013/053063 on July 31, 2013

Select Publications:


YouTube: Mechanism of NanVelcro CTC Assay