The Next Generation Incubator

A specialized CRO providing drug target identification and validation services to the pharmaceutical industry and academic/nonprofit researchers using the patented Drug Affinity Responsive Target Stability (DARTS) technology.


The high failure rate in drug development continues to be an enormous burden to the pharmaceutical industry and society. Most drugs fail in clinical trials due to lack of efficacy, excessive toxicity, or unacceptable side effects. DARTS allows for a more thorough investigation of a compound’s binding targets, which not only aids to uncover the mechanism of action of the compound but also helps predict undesirable toxicities and side effects that may occur due to interactions with off-target proteins.


DARTS is a platform technology that detects binding of small molecule ligands to their target proteins via the thermodynamic stabilization that occurs within each target protein upon ligand binding, which is then detected by an increased resistance of the target proteins to proteolysis. DARTS uses native, unmodified small molecules, can be performed with extremely complex protein mixtures including whole cell or tissue lysates, and the readout is based solely on the binding interaction between the ligand and target protein.


  • Label-free technology
  • Solely dependent on binding interaction
  • Proteome-wide analysis
  • Applicable to any compound class

Development Stage:

  • Marketing

Patents Issued:

  • Novel affinity based method for drug target identification; US8703438 issued on 04/22/2014

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