The Next Generation Incubator

FemtoDx is a venture-backed healthcare company focusing on realizing the full potential of cutting-edge nanotechnology to improve the lives of patients.


FemtoDx is focused on home-based monitoring of cardiovascular diseases with a panel of clinically validated cardiac biomarkers. Currently, existing solutions lack portability, connectivity and other necessary attributes needed to diagnose and treat heart patients with minimal time to save lives. More importantly, the current technologies cannot enable tests for regular monitoring in the home setting. We are addressing this challenge by streamlining the process with cutting-edge technology, and taking healthcare to where it belongs, near patient at home.


FemtoDx is using a cutting-edge technology platform to provide lab-quality tests in the home setting at a fraction of cost and time. These tests are performed with a medical device that is portable or wearable or disposable, with mobile connectivity needed to communicate from the patient location to the doctor's office or emergency room, or the hospital.


  • Lab quality testing
  • Convenience of at home use
  • Value-based solutions

Development Stage:

  • Research and Development


Email: Francesca Loveday,