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Watch the live stream of the final presentations, Friday 7/19, 10:00 am pst

The Applications of Nanoscience course is designed for high school students to learn the basics of pursing a scientific research project.

As a model students will explore few important applications of nanoscience, learn the basics of reviewing existing scientific literature, and go through the process of proposing a research project in pursuit of new scientific data.

During this two-week program, students have the unique opportunity to explore questions similar to those currently investigated by the scientific community. The program involves hands-on experiments that combine vigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. Moreover, students will work on a team project to experience the process of proposing a scientific research. At the end of this program, students will better understand what makes nanoscience and nanotechnology one of the most exciting fields of research today, how to read a technical journal article, and the basic skills for proposing a new scientific research project.

The students will apply the knowledge they gain during this two-week course by presenting a research project proposal in a group of their peers. The presentations will be live streamed Friday, July 19 10:00 am pst.