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Nanoscience Lab Summer Institute Final Presentations

Watch the live stream of the final presentations, Friday 7/26, 2:00 pm pst

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The CNSI Nanoscience Lab Summer Institute is an exclusive summer workshop for high school students interested in advanced science and technology. During this five day program, students have the unique opportunity to explore questions similar to those currently investigated by the scientific community. The program involves hands-on experiments that combine vigorous scientific methodologies and techniques with projects that are both fun and exciting. Moreover, these experiments, designed by UCLA researchers, teach students the key concepts of nanoscale phenomena that make nanoscience and nanotechnology one of the most exciting fields of research today.

The students will apply the knowledge they gain during this weeklong course by presenting a research project proposal in a group of their peers. The presentations will be live streamed Friday, July 26, 2:00 pm pst.