The Next Generation Incubator

Through its proprietary kelviTEC technology, Kelvi brings heating and cooling therapy for sports, medical and expanded consumer use into the 21st century.


There has been minimal advancement in heating and cooling therapies for injury treatment protocols and many other medical treatments. Kelvi is redefining the standard of care by developing an advanced digital solution to archaic treatment protocols. The market for sports and consumer applications is over $300 million while the market for medical applications in PT/post-op recovery, chemotherapy, temperature control and cardiac arrest is nearly $3 billion.


Kelvi is creating a paradigm shift by digitally cooling skin, moving away from today’s analog and imprecise method of using cold water to cool skin that is inefficient, and, in some cases, harmful to patients. Kelvi’s proprietary hardware and software system uses thermoelectric coolers as direct cooling/heating agents allowing it be (1) battery operated; (2) portable; (3) compact; (4) lightweight; and (5) data driven. Kelvi’s digital platform provides flexibility to target multiple applications – from sports medicine to cardiac arrest.


  • Fast and convenient
  • Portable and self-contained
  • Precise and controllable therapies
  • Data-driven digital technology

Development Stage:

  • Advanced Prototype


Phone: Decky Goodrich, 619-739-3509