The Next Generation Incubator

Matrix Sensors mission is to democratize low cost, low power, gas sensors on a chip for a cleaner, healthier, safer world.


Our beachhead markets are carbon dioxide sensors for energy efficient buildings and homes and methane sensors for safer natural gas distribution. Existing sensors for these markets are not widely adopted because they are expensive ($30 - $90), power-hungry (1/4 Watt), and large (~1 x 1 inch). Matrix Sensors’ low cost, low power, sensor on a chip will enable these multi-billion dollar markets.


Our unique technology uses a new, transformative class of porous materials called Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) to enable the world’s first viable gas sensor on a chip.


  • >50x advantage in size, cost, and power
  • Similar or superior performance to competition

Development Stage:

  • Advanced Prototype

Patents Issued:

  • We have an exclusive license to the most fundamental patent family in this area. In addition, we have two issued patents and four applications in process.