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IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium

Watch the live stream of the symposium, Friday 10/20, 9:30 am pst

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists will host its first ever synaesthesia symposium at UCLA in conjunction with the Art|Sci Center, and in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange.

Synesthesia is an inherited trait, like red hair or brown eyes, and is found in less than 3.75 percent of the world's population. It is defined as a cross firing of any one of the five senses in which one sensory experience triggers additional sensory experiences in one or more of the other four senses. Synesthesia does not replace one sensory mode with another; it adds perceptions from another sensory modality to the initial "normal" perceptions. There are at least 60 different forms of synesthesia.

All day symposium including keynote lectures by Dr. Joel Salinas and Michael Banissy