The Next Generation Incubator at CNSI

Scarless Laboratories, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company with a mission to develop safe and effective therapies for scar minimization and wound healing.


There are no approved drug-based therapies for improvement in scar appearance, wound tensile strength and wound healing that are both safe and effective. Our target market includes patients undergoing surgery as elective surgery and as a result of trauma. For elective surgery alone, our target market in the U.S. includes aesthetic plastic surgery procedures plus surgical procedures in appearance sensitive populations such as cesarean section. The combined population of patients in these two segments represents $1.2 billion annually based on a very conservative estimate with majority paid out of pocket.


Scarless Laboratories has developed a therapeutically innovative, first-in-class product that reproducibly modulates early wound healing events to recreate a microenvironment for regenerative repair with less scar and more wound strength. Our platform technology can be used as a drug for intradermal and topical application, and as a medical device component on a suture or in a gel.


  • Minimizes scar formation
  • Increases wound tensile strength
  • Excellent preclinical safety profile
  • Inexpensively synthesized chemically

Development Stage:


Patents Issued:

  • Fibromodulin Peptide; 9,409,963
  • Methods And Compositions Using Compounds From Fetal Cells And Tissues To Improve Condition Of Skin; 2,509,666 (Canada)

Select Publications:

  • Hu FY, Zhang X, Soo B, and Ting K. Ontogenic Transition in Fetal Wound TGF-ß Regulation Correlates with Collagen Organization. J Dent Res. 80:698, 2001.
  • Soo C, Sayah D, Zhang X, , Dang C, and Ting K: “The Identification of Novel Wound-healing Genes Through Differential Display” Plast & Reconst Surg, 110 (3):787-97, 2002.
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Company Contact:

Website: General Contact: Carol H Danielson,, 520-907-5193