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Spectradyne’s mission is to improve the safety and efficacy of nanotechnology-related applications by analyzing nanoparticle mixtures with unprecedented resolution.


The proliferation of nanoparticles (NPs) has made characterization of NPs increasingly important in ensuring the safety and efficacy of therapeutics, food, and other products. This is especially true in the life sciences, where biologics, nanomedicines, vaccines, and biomarker/exosome research all suffer from low-resolution NP metrology. Spectradyne aims to become the de facto standard for NP size analysis instrumentation in the life sciences, a market projected to be worth $7.8 billion by 2019.


Spectradyne’s technology uses Microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensing (MRPS) to make higher resolution NP size and concentration measurements than light scattering-based instruments. Particles with diameters from 50 nanometers to 2 microns can be detected at concentrations from 5x105 to 5x1011 particles/ml. In contrast to competing technologies, Spectradyne’s technology does not suffer when measuring particles of high transparency and can readily measures complex mixtures like serum and urine.


  • Individual particle detection, up to 10,000/s
  • 3 microliters per measurement
  • Higher resolution than light scattering
  • Insensitive to optical contrast
  • Absolute concentration measurements

Development Stage:

  • Marketing

Patents Issued:

  • High Throughput Label Free Nanoparticle Detection and Size Assay; 8,901,914
  • Systems and Devices for Microfluidic Instrumentation, PCT/US16/63411
  • Systems and Devices for Microfluidic Cartridge, PCT/US16/63421

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