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Working to catalyze interactions between new and existing teams of researchers to develop team science proposals that cross disciplines and support the key research mission of the Institute.

The CNSI supports the development of innovative research projects that accelerate discoveries, crosses disciplines, and supports the key mission of the Institute.  Our experienced grants facilitation team works to catalyze these interactions by assisting researchers in the development of team science proposals that brings new, previously untapped, resources to the campus.  This includes the development of cutting-edge instrumentation directly related to the CNSI Technology Centers.

As the funding landscape becomes increasingly complicated and multifaceted, the CNSI’s skilled and agile grant team is prepared to support all aspects of the pre- and post-award process in order to give our researchers a competitive edge.  We provide hands-on management with meeting scheduling, coordinating activities amongst collaborators, budget construction, editing, and liaising between the various campus and agency contacts.  With a robust record of submissions to federal, state, industry and foundation agencies, our knowledgeable team expertly guides investigators through the various administrative channels so that they can focus on what is important, the science.

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David Avery
Research and Program Development Director

Brad Cyran
Senior Fund Manager

Suzanne Tsang
Senior Fund Manager



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