CNSI Proctored Workshops

Thank you very much for your submission

A representative from our Workshop program will contact you confirming your participation in the program

TO CONFIRM ATTENDANCE TO EACH WORKSHOP (in addition to your registration), please read the information below carefully

Our program only has sufficient resources to accommodate 25 teachers each workshop. Typically our workshops have more registrants than we can accommodate. To address this as well as to acknowledge that none of us know our availability months ahead:

  1. We will send an email 7-14 days before each workshop to confirm your availability to attend.
  2. Attendance priority will be given to the first 25 teachers who respond to those emails and confirm their availability.
  3. Teachers who confirm later than the first 25 will be notified if there are any last minute cancellations.
  4. One of our limited resources are the free supply kits we offer to attendees; if you are interested in attending only to learn or refresh your understanding of a topic and do not plan to take a kit, please inform us so that we can accommodate additional participants. Please state so in your availability confirmation.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to give up your Saturday in order to bring some advanced topics that might further stimulate your student’s interest in science and look forward to working with you at these workshops.